Monday, October 20, 2008

Sound for Dracula

I'm just curious if Bruno did anything special for the sound. I was there for the first half of the final performance and I could hear everything and everyone clearly. I was in the last row stage left.

How many mics were used and what kind were they?? That is definitely what we need.


carissa said...


From what I can remember, there were only microphones set up at the front of our stage. The sound must have mixed clearly through the monitors. YIPEE!

Rachel LaPointe said...

There were 3 mics at curtain line and 2 at about middle stage.

We also moved stuff around so the sound cables were not running near the light cables. With the digital lights you get interference when the cables run next to each other. So that cut a bit of interference.

We also made sure the volume was up and set to an appropriate level. AJ was also mixing sound at various songs to make sure it was working right.

And I agree, this is the kind of stuff we need! Although I'd say we need a couple more mics further upstage. But we should definitely invest in our own equipment!