Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crew call!

Hey everyone!

Anyone who is interested in being on the Stepping Out crew should let me know.  I'd like for everyone to attend the Tuesday rehearsal on the 13th so that I can know who's going to be there and you can have a chance to meet the cast.

Already on board (or mostly on board) are:
A.J. Adamkiewicz
Chris LaPointe
Joey Adamkiewicz
Tim Mulligan
Michelle Lennon

I know other Crestwood kids have been helping and might be on for the shows, but it'd be great to get a full list.  We need a LOT of help because there is a HUGE set change in the second act (all the flats come down).  Chris is on for lights and we'll probably use one or two more for that.  Besides that it's stage hands and costume organizers (backstage during the show).

Let me know if you can be there Tuesday!  If not, we'll figure something out!  Tech week starts the next Sunday/Monday!